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Contact probes

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Special probes

  • ■ Fine Pitch Testing

     Fine pitch  Testing

    These products are used mainly for inspecting semiconductor wafers, and can deal with a pitch of up to 110 μm. Various plunger materials are available.

  • ■High Frequency Testing

    High frequency Testing

    These products are used for inspecting semiconductors with excellent RF characteristics that can tolerate high-speed devices, and their length has been reduced to 1.6 mm. Various plunger materials are available.

  • ■High Temperature Testing

    High temperature Testing

    In order to meet the heat resistance requirement for reliability tests, we  developed our Hotpin, which can tolerate 175 degrees Celsius as well as our new Dragon Probe which can handle 200 degrees Celsius.

  • ■ Kelvin Test

     Kelvin Test

    These products are used for 4-terminal measurement achieving reliable probe contact, and can provide a minimum diameter of φ0.15mm. They are available in various plunger materials and shapes, and can reliably contact very narrow pads.

  • ■ High Current Testing

     High Current Testing

    A special structure makes it possible to measure high current with low resistance.

Standard probes

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