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We will grow as a "Traditional Start-up"  company

Rika Denshi has developed a reputation within the Electronics and Semiconductor Industries as a technically advanced company since its establishment in 1961. In recent years, electronic devices have undergone tremendous development and we have been challenging ourselves to meet our customers' various requirements as the industry evolves. We take pride in the fact that we have contributed to part of the development and refinement of such innovative products.

Rika Denshi's business is based on our technology. We feel our greatest honor when we achieve our technological goals, or receive challenging inquiries from our customers.
The most important element of our corporate policy is to always pursue what is best for our customers, and provide technologies that are valuable to our global society. 

In March 2015, I became the President and CEO of Rika Denshi. I look forward to leading our Company into the future.  We will keep focusing our energy into technological developments as we have always done.  At the same time, I believe that it is necessary to have appropriate ways of communicating to keep up with the rapidly changing world and to promote us globally.

Because Rika Denshi has been present in the modern Electronics Industry from its beginning stages, we own reliable technologies. We are now adding new ideas and promotional energies just like a start-up company would, and will strive to achieve our new goals as if we were a "Traditional Start-Up".  

Our people and colleagues support our core technology.  By being part of it, I will create a better working environment for all employees to be able to perform at their best.  I believe that if you are in a comfortable environment, you will be optimistic and can exchange more ideas with your colleagues. This synergy will create a cycle of establishing new achievements based on each employee’s ideas and that is important for a company to keep growing.  Cherishing colleagues and families and putting together all powers of the “Rika Denshi Family” will help us to provide the best service and solutions to our customers. 

Our road ahead consists of a variety of "happiness": Providing the best technology and service to our customers, maintaining steady business with our suppliers, developing a sense of pride within our employees for being part of us, and having true support and cheer from their families.  We hope to share all of these "happinesses" together and create a "circle of happiness" around us. 

I sincerely ask for your continuous support to Rika Denshi.

Rika Denshi Group
Yasuko (Jody) Toda

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