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Why do we keep refining our technology? The answer is because at RIKA DENSHI we want to be more than just our customer’s supplier.  We want to be a resource to help them fulfill all of their testing requirements.Our hard work in product development is only meaningful when we can satisfy our customers. What is our mission? We always go back to this question in order to put every effort into satisfying customer needs.

Company Commitment

In appreciation for the opportunities presented to us, we should constantly be looking for ways to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

Guiding Principles

・ Customer satisfaction is our first priority.
・ Always welcome innovation.
・ Never compromise on qualify.
・ Always do one's best.
・ Create and maintain a work environment where everyone can keep dreaming.
・ Obtain a fair profit and share it with the community.
・ Work as a global enterprise addressing global needs.

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