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Parts for precision work

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We produce a wide array of products, including jigs and tools for semiconductor production equipment, die bonders, wire bonders, parts of liquid crystal panel production equipment, parts of mounting equipment, and parts of surface mounting equipment, in small lots from one product. We can also treat the surfaces of these products.


Super-hard resins, stainless steel (SUS), aluminum, and ceramics (alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide, and silicon nitride, etc.) can be used.

Available products

  • ■ Needles (for uplift/measurement)

    Needles (for uplift/measurement)

    We design and produce the needles for uplifting an IC chip, etc. and checking electrical characteristics. We can handle WC, SWRS, AgW, SUS, and SKH materials, and produce a tip of up to 5 μR.

  • ■ Die Collets

    Die collets

    Based on the super-hard processing technology we have developed over a long period of time, we produce die collets of various sizes and shapes, including pyramids, clogs, and flat ones. We also are experienced in precise processing with low tolerances for compact chips.

  • ■ Resin Collets

    Resin collets

    We produce resin collets of various sizes and shapes, according to various chip sizes and materials. In addition, we can reuse the metal part of a shank and replace its tip, by producing resin collets with SUS, including the material for coping with static electricity, for the body part and resin for the tip part.

  • ■ Dispenser Nozzles

    Dispenser nozzles

    We produce dispenser nozzles for applying silver or resign paste for mounting chips and attaching liquid crystal panels. Available materials include super-hard ones, SUS, resins, and ceramics.

  • ■ Window Clampers

    Window clampers

    We produce window clampers by using various SUS materials, with high parallelism and surface accuracy, regardless of size, difficulty, and the number of windows.

  • ■ Heat Plates

    Heat plates

    A variety of materials and surface treatments are available, according to specifications. We will propose various solutions to the  problems caused by the adhesion of lead frame plating.

  • ■ Transfer Pin

    Transfer pin

    This is a bonding tool for transcribing the epoxy resin called Epoxy Pin Stamp Tool and Ag paste. We  can provide solutions to problems such as the bulging and insufficient adhesion due to the excess or shortage of paste.

Other parts for precision work

  • ■ Parts for pre-processing equipment

    We produce POM and PEEK parts for transportation, and silicon rubber, etc. as the parts of equipment for producing wafers.

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