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RIKA DENSHI updated its corporate identity, including company name, in order to establish a strong identity towards the 21st century. (RIKA DENSHI's identity = Corporate image)
We changed our company name to RIKA DENSHI CO., LTD., in September 1990, and designed a visual identity to symbolize the energy of our new beginning.


Our logo is made from two half-ovals. The space between the ovals creates an  "R" for RIKA DENSHI, symbolizing our basic concept of  "Hi-Grade Interface" The two separate ovals also represent a burgeoning seed, symbolizing originality as a research and development company.
The shifting of the two ovals creates a sense of rotation, symbolizing the dynamic and progressing of our company's business.



In order for RIKA DENSHI Group to work under one goal and one purpose, in 2013 we established a visual identity to be used in company materials.
The radiating curves express our sensitivity to uncover customer needs and our prompt actions. Each color represents a Rika Denshi division, and the combined visual identity represents the scale merit of our global corporation.


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