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Terms of Use

Our company strictly manages the disclosure of information regarding the contents of this website. However, we shall not guarantee that users will not suffer any damages due to the following:

  • Use of downloaded information
  • Use of incorrect information before correction or revision
  • Error display
  • Computer virus infection
  • Quoting of any contents of this website

When copying, downloading, or printing any contents of this website, such as text, photographs, graphs, and illustrations, please check whether the following conditions are satisfied.

  • The copyright © and intellectual property right of this website are indicated on the last page of copied contents.
  • Any contents are not revised, changed, or fabricated.
  • Any contents are not used for infringing rights, such as the defamation of our company or a third party and the intrusion of privacy.
  • Any contents are used for private and non-commercial purposes.

If these conditions are not satisfied, the use of this website shall be prohibited.

All product names written in this website are the trademarks that belong to our company or our company has been licensed to use, and all contents are protected by the Copyright Act and the Trademark Act. Therefore, any contents of this website shall not entitle users to use or transfer any patents, trademarks, copyrights, or the like of our company, unless the above conditions are satisfied.

Our company shall not be responsible for any contents of websites linked to or from this website.

If you want to set a link to this website in your website, please be sure to obtain a prior approval of our company.

Our company may add, change, or delete the information in this website, or close this website without notice.


Among the current plans, strategies, and faiths, etc. RIKA DENSHI CO., LTD. and its consolidated subsidiaries written in this website, the items that are not historical facts are based on the outlook for future performance, etc. and include risks and uncertainties. Please keep in mind that there is a possibility that actual business performance, etc. will be significantly different from our estimates due to various factors.

Our company shall not be obliged to correct our future outlook and announce it, based on new information and events.

This website is not aimed at promoting you to invest. Please make a final decision about investment at your own discretion.


About PDF files

All of the disclosed PDF files in the technical database are protected. It is impossible to print them, change their text, select text or graphics, add or change footnotes or form fields (expression methods with Acrobat Ver. 4 or later versions). Adobe Reader (available free of charge) is necessary for handling PDF files. If you do not have Adobe Reader, please download it. The following banner is linked to a homepage for downloading it.

Adobe Reader

Conditions of Use / Disclaimers