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All of our business activities are connected to contributions to the environment.

We make an effort to ensure that every business activity of RIKA DENSHI is connected to a contribution to the environment. We endeavor to achieve a sustainable society as a “good citizen of the earth” that is trusted by the international community.

Environmental Organization

RIKA DENSHI CO., LTD., has an Environment Management System in accordance with the international standard ISO14001. The Environmental Director establishes the Environmental Policy, and the Company-wide Promotion Committee, led by the EMS Manager, creates the Environmental Management Program and specific actions in order to accomplish the goals. The Internal Environmental Inspections support the continual improvement of the Environmental Management System.

Environment organization chart

Acquisition of ISO14001 certification (expanded certification in March 25, 2005)

RIKA DENSHI’s Kyushu Office acquired the international ISO14001 certification for Environment Management System on March 19, 2004. The same certification was granted the entire company on March 25, 2005. RIKA DENSHI’s registered number is JQA-EM3885. Our Environmental Policy is as follows.

■Company Policy

What can we do for our customers?

■Basic Environmental Principle

RIKA DENSHI CO., LTD. makes an effort to ensure that every business activity is connected to a contribution to the environment, and to achieve a sustainable society as a “good citizen of the earth” that is trusted by the international community.


RIKA DENSHI CO., LTD.,  with headquarters located in the Keihin industrial region near Haneda Airport, truly recognizes that environment improvement is a social responsibility, and endeavors to reduce its environmental impact, continually work on environment improvement, and prevent pollution through its business in designing, manufacturing and distribution of tools and contact terminals for electronic component inspections, at all offices—headquarters, Osaka Sales Office, Nagano Office and Kyushu Office.

  1. We will always consider the environmental impact of our business activities and continue to reduce that impact.
  2. We will strictly adhere to laws, regulations and other requirements related to environmental conservation, and improve the quality of our management.
  3. We will have an established organization and structure in order to promote environment improvement at all times, conduct internal environmental inspections, and continue to improve our environmental activities.
  4. We will promote eco-friendly delivery in consideration to the environment.
  5. We will raise environmental awareness among our employees and staff members, and work on environment improvement together.
  6. We will promote environment improvement and pollution prevention to partner companies and Japanese associated companies in order to adhere to this policy as much as possible.
  7. Emphasized activities will be listed in the Environment Appendix.

Established August 1, 2004; Revised April 1, 2015
Yasuko Toda, Representative Director, RIKA DENSHI CO., LTD.

ISO14001 Management System registration card ISO14001 Annex

Environment Goals and Results

RIKA DENSHI CO., LTD. will consider the environmental aspect and improve its environmental performance under this Environmental Policy.

FY2015 Goals and Results, FY2016 Goals

Item Location FY2015 Goal FY2015 Results FY2016 Goal
General Waste
(Recycled %)
KYUSHU Division
98.0% 99.2% 98.0%
NAGANO Division
88.0% 88.1% 88.0%
Industrial Waste
(Recycled %)
KYUSHU Division
98.5% maintained 99.2% 98.5% maintained
NAGANO Division
98.5% maintained 98.6% 98.5% maintained
Lead-free solder NAGANO Division
100% of all parts
100% of all parts 100% of all parts maintained

Our company promotes campaigns such as the government’s “Cool Biz” and “Warm Biz” campaigns. All employees make a company-wide effort to reduce CO2 emissions.

Activities (Sales)

RIKA DENSHI’s environment management activities under the Environmental Policy include eco-friendly distribution, reduction of environment impact in procurement, and recycling of products offered.

Eco-friendly Marketing and Distribution

In FY2004 we started reducing the distribution of products that contain rare substances (rhodium [Rh]) and harmful substances (e.g., BeCu).

Specifically, we have asked our customers who use products with rhodium plating to change to a different type of plating, and customers who use products with BeCu to change to products that do not contain it.

In FY2005 we had customers evaluate the original product they were using, which contained rhodium or BeCu, and a new or existing alternative. In FY2006 we increased the number of customers for evaluation, and now some of our customers have made the change.

RIKA DENSHI’s product design and distribution adheres to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHs) directives in Europe and China.

  FY2015 FY2016
Goal Rare substance (rhodium [Rh]):
Maintain over 70.5% (on targeted products)

Hazardous substances such as BeCu:
57.3% reduction (on targeted products)
Rare substance (rhodium [Rh]):
Maintain over 75.0% (on targeted products)

Hazardous substances such as BeCu:
57.3% reduction (on targeted products)
Results Rare substance (rhodium [Rh]):
76.2% reduction (on targeted products)

Hazardous substances such as BeCu:
58.0% reduction (on targeted products)

Reduction of Environment Impact in Procurement

In FY2004 we started supporting our suppliers in their environmental efforts. According to a survey conducted in FY2015, we have been able to improve environment management in suppliers since FY2014.

Each year there are more suppliers who cooperate with our initiative to reduce environmental impact, and the FY2015 survey concluded that 80% of our suppliers meet the environmental requirements. We will continue to reduce our environmental impact through the cooperation of our suppliers.

Recycling of Products Offered

We have promoted recycling our products since FY2004, and have collected used products from applicable customers in appropriate methods.

Since FY2006, as part of the recycling effort, we notify our recycling rate of probes to customers who purchase our probes. Now more of our customers promote recycling within their companies.

We will continue to work on reducing our environmental impact with your support and understanding.

Environmental Policy