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Kumamoto Earthquake

We would like to send prayers for those who encountered earthquake in Kumamoto and Oita, Japan.

Please be informed about our facility's condition as below.

  1. About Kyushu dept./Kumamoto Plant, and Kyushu Sales Office

    Address:598 Nagasaki, Shiranuhi-machi, Uki, Kumamoto
    Functions:Probe and jig R&D, Probe assembly, Manufacturing of jigs

  2. Damage information

    <Safety of employees>
     All of our employees and their family are confirmed safe as of 11:00AM April, 20th.

    <Continuity of operations>
     Kumamoto Plant has been closed since the first quake at 21:26 April 14th. We have started the check ups and test run of our facility and machines since April 19th and gradually starting to catch up towards the regular operations.
     We will continue to work on repairs of our building and restart of remaining machines.

  3. Our actions

     Although we are trying our best to recover at the maximum effort, our priority is still at the safety of our staffs and employees. In order to minimize the affect to our customers, we are arranging to continue our production in domestic and overseas substitute lines.  

    Also, as a facility located in Kumamoto, we will support people of this region to recover as fast as possible.

     Rika Denshi will once again unite together and work towards the full recovery. I sincerely ask for your understanding of our situation.